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What is Hospice Care?

Oasis Healthcare is an Alabama hospice provider offering expert and compassionate care to those experiencing a life-limiting illness.

About Hospice Care

Hospice is an approach to care tailored specifically to meet the needs of individuals and families who are facing a life-limiting illness. A diverse medical care team works together to manage pain, increase comfort, and support every aspect of a patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The goal of hospice care is to help people live their last days with respect, peace, and dignity.

Our Philosophy

Hospice affirms life and recognizes that the dying process is a normal part of the living process. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death. Rather, hospice provides the support and palliative care needed for a person to live as fully, joyfully and comfortably as possible in the last phases of a terminal illness. Hospice believes that through appropriate care and the promotion of a caring community, patients and families/caregivers will be able to prepare for death in a way that is satisfactory and meaningful to them.

We use a holistic approach to address the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of our patients and their families. Our goal is to relieve suffering and enable a peaceful and comfortable end-of-life transition. We seek to enhance the quality of life during the terminal phases of the patient’s illness and to support the patient and family in carrying out their wishes during this time.

Our services include:

  • On-Call Hospice Support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pain Management – Treatments to help with pain and discomfort
  • Symptom Management – Treatments to aid with anxiety, breathing, nausea and other symptoms
  • Medication Coordination – Allows proper medication to be available when needed
  • Registered Hospice Nurses Visits – Scheduled to meet your individualized hospice nursing care plan
  • Nurse Aide Visits – Scheduled to aid with personal care: bathing, feeding, dressing and other duties
  • Hospice Team Visits – Hospice counseling, program implementation, insurance coverage, support and follow-up visits
  • Volunteer Visits – Scheduled for
    companionship, errands, and light duties
  • Bereavement Services – 13-month
    bereavement services post-death to all family members and loved ones

Our Purpose

Oasis Healthcare provides the highest quality of hospice care to individuals in their home environment. Our team of health care professionals includes highly-skilled physicians, registered nurses, hospice aides, social workers, and volunteers. Our team works together to support the patient, caregivers, and family members. We believe that through personalized services, patients and families obtain the necessary education and skills needed to successfully navigate the end-of-life experience.

We will:

  • Be helpful
  • Be friendly and professional
  • Make customer service our top priority
  • View service as an opportunity and a priority, not a job function
  • Be available when you need us
  • Provide prompt service, going above and beyond expectations
  • Cultivate relationships by paying attention to each customer’s individual needs and interests
  • Treat all customers the way we would want to be treated

Physician Services Will Address All Needs

At Oasis Healthcare, we provide the physician services you would expect of hospice and go above and beyond to provide premier care for our patients. The patient’s Primary Care Physician remains the director of their care, and our staff works to keep them informed of the patient’s condition, wants, and needs. Working in conjunction with our Medical Director, our clinical team provides all necessary education and home visits that are outlined in each care plan.

Taking Care of Pain and Symptom Management

Care plans for pain and medication coordination are essential aspects of hospice care. We work with your loved one to understand their needs, and then we create a strategy for pain and symptom management throughout their time with us. Our nurses will administer the necessary medications and treatments during their home visits to keep your loved one as comfortable as possible.

Personalized Comfort Care for Your Loved One

There are few things that are more dehumanizing than being treated like just another number. At Oasis Healthcare, we create Personalized Hospice Care that treat your loved one as a human being. Our nurses and nurse aides add a personal touch to their daily care plans, so you can rest assured your loved one is in good hands.

Bereavement Support

It is an understatement to say dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult. That is why Oasis Healthcare is committed to providing bereavement services to families of loved ones. You will meet with a qualified bereavement coordinator during the admission process and will receive their support throughout the entire hospice care process.

Assisting Beyond Physical Needs

Just as important as the physical needs, social and spiritual support are prioritized during the care process. Our Medical Social Workers are available to help you navigate the required paperwork associated with the admission process to hospice care. Also, should you have a religious affiliation, our chaplain and bereavement teams will assist you with spiritual needs during end of life and any special arrangements you prefer, such as funeral arrangements and memorial services.

Volunteers Add an Extra Personal Touch

In addition to the knowledgeable care team, Oasis Healthcare has a dedicated volunteer staff available for our hospice patients. Our volunteers are compassionate, friendly individuals aimed at providing extra care for your loved one. These volunteers go for walks, read to patients, create personalized crafts, or simply provide conversations. Our volunteers are also available to offer you and your family support through the grieving process.

We Take Care of the Supplies You Need

The cost of medication can put an undue burden on a patient’s family. Luckily, Oasis Healthcare will handle the costs associated with medication, medical equipment, and other supplies related to the patient’s terminal diagnosis. We are well-equipped to coordinate with insurance companies to ensure all medical supplies are readily available.

Have More Questions?

Oasis Healthcare has a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions that you can find the answers you are looking for. 

Hospice FAQs

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