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In-Home Hospice Care Services

Oasis Healthcare focuses on allowing our patients to maintain the best quality of life possible. 

Hospice Care Provided in the Comfort of Your Home

For many of us, some of our biggest fears include being alone at the end of our life. Being alone in unfamiliar surroundings, away from family, and loved ones, hooked up to machines and in pain. But there is another option for end-of-life care that is available to all of us. An option that allows us to remain at home, surrounded by those we love, with our pain and symptoms well managed, so that we can fully enjoy the time we have left. An option that provides compassion, respect, and dignity to each individual, known as In-Home Hospice Care.

Oasis Healthcare focuses on allowing our patients to maintain the best quality of life possible.  While curative treatments have been discontinued for your life-limiting illness, we understand that you as a person are more than your disease and our goal is to help you make the most of the time you do have. In-home hospice care is provided to you in your home, wherever that may be. In-Home hospice care consists of a team of professionals that look after your medical care, provide pain and symptom management, and attend to your emotional and spiritual well-being. Hospice also lends support to family members and caregivers throughout, and after, a loved-ones’ hospice journey.

In most common home hospice situations, the primary caregiver to the patient is a family member who attends to daily needs.  We understand that being a caregiver can be a daunting task, and at times, you may feel overwhelmed.  That is why a vital part of the care we provide is centered around supporting everyone involved with a patient, including family, loved ones and caregivers. Many different forms of support are offered under in-home hospice care. Nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNA’s), and physician attend and oversee a patients care on a regular basis. Social workers and counseling services are available for both the patient and family/caregiver, and are an important part of hospice team. Chaplains are available for spiritual visits and accommodations can be made for volunteer assistance, as well.

Our services include:

  • On-Call Hospice Support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pain Management – Treatments to help with pain and discomfort
  • Symptom Management – Treatments to aid with anxiety, breathing, nausea and other symptoms
  • Medication Coordination – Allows proper medication to be available when needed
  • Registered Hospice Nurses Visits – Scheduled to meet your individualized hospice nursing care plan
  • Nurse Aide Visits – Scheduled to aid with personal care: bathing, feeding, dressing and other duties
  • Hospice Team Visits – Hospice counseling, program implementation, insurance coverage, support and follow-up visits
  • Volunteer Visits – Scheduled for
    companionship, errands, and light duties
  • Bereavement Services – 13-month
    bereavement services post-death to all family members and loved ones

In-Home Hospice Care – Staff are Available 24 Hours A Day

Hospice staff are available 24 hours per day to address the needs of our patients and their family.  Our office operates within normal business hours, however we have a full team of professionals that are available 24/7 to respond promptly to your needs.

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