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Reiki: A Modern Yet Ancient Healing & Relaxation Practice

Close Up Of A Relaxed Young Woman Having Reiki Healing Treatment

Reiki: A Modern Yet Ancient Healing & Relaxation Practice

By: Genna Hulme, Certified Nursing Assistant

Today is National Relaxation Day; and while we could talk to you about reading your favorite book in a bathtub full of bubbles, we are instead going to share with you an ancient healing and relaxation practice that is becoming widespread again: Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a very unique form of energetic healing. Using the body’s natural energy flow, it has the ability to balance out disrupted or distorted energy in and around the body’s energetic field. This makes the client feel generally better all around. Reiki is used in multiple health fields around the world making it a fast-growing treatment for therapy purposes as well as a great way to compliment current treatment for many ailments.

Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese healing. It is said to have been passed down for thousands of years from teachers to students. The word itself means Source Light Energy, “Rei” meaning source light and “Ki” meaning energy. Much like other forms of energy-based healing, such as the well-known Tai-Chi, Reiki is learned in a form that is more of a private setting between the teacher and the student. In these classes, the student learns the history of Reiki and how it became widespread today. The student also learns certain hand techniques that help them smooth out the energy, and ways to feel energy as well as its disruptions.

Finding relaxation in the chaos

We now live in a world of burnout, leaving people feeling drained, depressed, stressed out, etc. Every day, we as humans are set up to operate in a way that brings us many challenges. These challenges may cause stress, leaving our thoughts and emotions in a cloud, creating depression, and other mental health issues. If one has a physical health issue, it could have been rooted into the stress of environmental factors. These physical and environmental issues can create some distortions causing a person to have judgmental impairment of basic life decisions. When there is impairment, it plays a domino effect making that person’s thought processes chaotic, hence bringing chaos in their life.

During this process, it is important that we keep up with self-care and restoration. Using Reiki is an excellent way to help! During a typical session, the Reiki Practitioner has the client relax in a sitting or lying position. The client will be instructed to take a few deep breaths as the room is filled with aromatherapy and soothing music. This will help the client physically start to relax. The practitioner will scan their hands over the client feeling for energetic disruptions in their field. When there is a disruption, the practitioner will then meditate and breathe as the “clouded” energy dissipates leaving the client feeling relaxed and stress free. This can last for as long as the client needs. Reiki sessions may last anywhere between 45-120 minutes.

A modern yet ancient practice

Today, Reiki is growing widespread throughout the world. This old/new practice is giving the medical field more options for patients dealing with any life crisis. Cancer treatment centers now include Reiki as a part of the treatments received. It can also be seen in Physical Therapy offices and Athletic Therapy offices. Some Chiropractors also use it as a part of pretreatment for body alignment. Some hospices also use it as a free treatment from a volunteer who is kind enough to offer! Reiki is also being used as an employee wellness practice to aid employees who work in stressful environments. This gives them the opportunity to be able to clear their minds and organize their thoughts, causing them to perform better and be relieved of the stress and “noise”. 

Reiki is a very unique process of healing. As an ancient practice, it definitely has potential to help aid us while we go through our toughest times. With just a few sessions, it will aid the body’s natural energetic functions to generate a better flow causing the client to relax and clear their head.  Whether it is through a job, ailments, or family dynamics, taking time out for self-care will help make some positive changes in ways of thinking and lives, allowing the client to take back control of their mind, body, and soul. There are many opportunities out there for anyone to receive Reiki since it is our birthright to make time and space for ourselves.


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