1.    How much does hospice care cost?

Hospice services are covered 100% by:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • VA benefits
  • Most Private Insurance

Oasis also works with patients who do are not covered by insurance.

2.    Is Hospice a place?

Hospice is not a place, but rather a philosophy that focuses on palliative rather than curative care and quality rather than quantity of life. Oasis Healthcare provides hospice services in a patient’s place of residence, be that a private home, a nursing home, or an assisted living facility.

2.   Should I wait for my physician to talk to me about of hospice, or should I ask about hospice first?

Patients and families should feel free to discuss hospice at any time with their physician, nurse or anyone else involved in their healthcare, like their home health nurses or community social worker. Many physicians hesitate to broach the subject of hospice and continue to pursue treatment because they assume that’s what the patient wants. In some cases it is difficult for them to predict the rate of a patient’s decline. It is important that you feel comfortable talking about your care choices with your healthcare providers. Understanding the benefits of curative vs. comfort care can help you make important healthcare decisions and help you communicate your goals for maintaining quality of life.

4.   Can we call Oasis HealthCare even if we don’t think it’s “time”?

Absolutely. An important part of our mission is providing education and guidance to families about any end-of-life care issue, whether or not they’re on our program. You don’t need a physician referral to call us for information. If it appears that hospice care would be beneficial, we will – with your permission – contact your doctor to discuss it. Oasis HealthCare believes in sharing information and has a team committed to patient and family educations.

5. Does Oasis HealthCare require me to be homebound?

No. We encourage patients remain active to the extent possible consistent with a high quality life. You are not required to be homebound to receive hospice services.

6. Can Oasis HealthCare manage my pain?

We take the patient’s pain and other symptoms seriously and take every step we can to meet the patient’s pain and symptoms management goals. Oasis nurses and physicians are trained to manage pain and other symptoms. We stay up to date on the most effective medications and devices for pain and symptom relief.

7. Can a patient stop having hospice care?

Yes. Patients always have the right to choose what type of care they receive. If they and their physicians decide to try another approach, we will assist them in making that transition.