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Assisted Living Week

Assisted Living Week 2023

This year from September 10th through September 16th, join us in celebrating Assisted Living Week 2023. We celebrate this week to recognize all the amazing people involved in assisted living facilities (ALF), including staff, volunteers, and hospice and home healthcare professionals.

This year’s Assisted Living Week has been given a “Season of Reflection” theme, designed to symbolize the staff in assisted living facilities that go above and beyond to make these facilities feel like home for residents.

Transitioning to Home Care

We strive to maintain strong partnerships with hospice and home healthcare professionals. Many patients interested in home care come from assisted living facilities, which means a change of environment and transition of care is required. Our team works closely with staff in assisted living facilities to help make the transition to home as easy as possible. Working closely with a patient’s care team ensures a smoother transition with fewer setbacks, supporting the patient to help regain independence in their own home.

nurse helping patient walk

How Hospice Can Help

In addition to home healthcare services, we offer supportive hospice care to those in assisted living facilities. Our hospice services can be provided no matter where a patient is located, which includes patients living in assisted living facilities. Working closely with staff at assisted living facilities, together, we can create as comfortable an environment as possible for those who are terminally ill. Our goal is to help individuals live their final days, weeks, or months with respect, peace, and dignity.

Join Us in Raising Awareness

We want to recognize the profound role that employers of assisted living facilities have on patients. Furthermore, we want to remind staff that we are here to help, creating partnerships that help us all thrive. Join us in raising awareness and celebrating Assisted Living Week 2023 by using the hashtag #NALW on social media posts.

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