Celebrating Nurses | Jeanine Shaw

Oasis Healthcare is celebrating nurses during the month of May! Meet Jeanine and learn about her passion for nursing as she explains her “why.”

“Why did I choose nursing?

I believe that nursing chose me. I became an EMT and it was satisfying, but something was still missing. My sister became a nurse and urged me to do the same. So, with my sister’s encouragement, I went to nursing school. During my clinicals in nursing school, I realized helping others in their time of need and sorrow was my calling.

During my career as a staff nurse, I had the blessing of being with one of my patients at their time of death. My patient was scared, and I was able to bring comfort to her at the end by simply sitting beside her, talking with her and holding her hand. When she passed, I knew I had given her comfort in her time of need. At that moment in my career, I vowed never to let a patient die alone if I could help it.

We all come into this world with a waiting room full of loved ones so excited to meet and greet us. At the end of life, we sometimes have no one present. I will be present, if able, to allow my patients to pass from this world to the next with someone who loves and cares for them. My patients deserve this and deserve to die with dignity.

I love being a hospice nurse. Some people do not understand why I do what I do, even after explaining. I am blessed to be a part of a patient’s life and death. It is a great honor and blessing to work at Oasis Healthcare. This team believes in what they are doing and do it with such compassion. I have learned so much through hospice nursing and am truly blessed.”

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