Celebrating Nurses | Angela Bryant

Oasis Healthcare is celebrating nurses during the Month of May! Meet Angela and learn about her passion for hospice nursing.

Angela Bryant decided to work in the medical field after several personal experiences of helping sick family members. Those experiences, coupled with her time spent serving as a 911 dispatcher, placed a calling on Angela to do more to help others, and she began a career in nursing. Now, twelve and a half years later, Angela serves as a hospice nurse and an RN Case Manager on the Oasis Healthcare team.

But she didn’t start out in hospice. “Prior to working for Oasis, I worked in a facility that had hospice patients, but I had never worked for a hospice company,” Angela said. “I had many peers tell me that they could see me doing hospice nursing and that I had the compassion for it, so I took a leap of faith and tried it. I love it and know that it’s where I’m supposed to be.”

Regardless of who or how she was serving, the stories and experiences that she has had over her years as a nurse have impacted her and stuck with her throughout her career. “I have worked with newborns at the beginning of life and the elderly at the end of life,” she said.

Highlights of her career include watching miracle babies grow and develop after their parents were told they would not and seeing elderly patients outlive their life expectancies. “To pick out one story from my career that sticks out is so hard!” she said.

Although she loves helping patients and their families, she also enjoys the opportunities to learn and grow during her nursing career. “As a hospice nurse, I can help others and grow as a person at the same time because of what I take from each family I encounter,” Angela said.

She said nursing is everything to her, and she doesn’t know what she would do if she wasn’t a nurse. We thank her for her service!

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